GetYourStream is designed to easily join the guides' wifi and listen to their audio stream.

By the simplicity of its design it doesn’t matter if young or old, you are able to get your stream and enjoy the voices by the guide.

Get your stream can be used in many variations like tourism, events or expos.


During a guided tour you experience a reliable connection with a crystal-clear sound. Even when the speaker is out of sight.
Keep in mind wifi radio signals are subject to physical limitations.

GetYourStream is a software app for iOS and Android with the most powerful audio compression and low-latency technology. That means the audio stream is nearly lip-synced with the speaker.


  • no Internet connection required
  • no roaming charges
  • no mobile data usage
  • minimal app permissions
  • no active user tracking

With our App GetYourStream, we offer our customers a new generation of shore excursions
technology that provides all tourists with an enhanced customer experience on their own smartphones.

GetYourStream ensures the highest level of hygiene since it replaces all former receiver devices.
As a guest, you don’t need to use used hardware components, but easily get your stream by choosing your guide.

With our bring-your-own-device solution, users do not have to interact with various third-party devices. Our apps will provide a great user experience.

That’s why GetYourStream is such a convenient solution for the customer, guests feel as safe and comfortable on the tour as they do at home.

GetYourStream removes the last technological constraints of audio transmission via Wireless Lan. Combining our solution with an ever-increasing number of other digitized features, our customers can significantly reduce their need for third-party equipment, associated logistical costs, and technical inconveniences.

GetYourStream works with our Smartbox, which is a portable WIFI-Router for real-time live voice streaming with fitting firmware and customer app “GetYourStream” were customers.
The GetYourStream technology, an off-line wifi transmitter hardware connected with a native application installed on guests’ phones, was the natural evolution of whisper systems.

The industry was in fact claiming for smartphone-based technologies where guests could connect to their tour guide by choosing the channel and get your stream.
The industry is looking for more personal and eclectic tools to meet younger guests’ needs and expectations.

When Covid-19 challenged the industry, GetYourStream technology proved to be even more the perfect solution to assure guided tours’ safety, quality and budget.
After installing the application GetYourStream on their phones, all it took to connect to the guide’s transmitter was to select the number of the tour (get your stream) and you were good to stream the guide’s voice in real-time and with crystal clear audio quality. Since the transmission required no internet, passengers did not have to use up their mobile data, which is a big concern, especially for passengers from abroad. Up to 100 passengers were able to connect to one local guide within a range of approximately 100 meters. Connections are stable and interference-free, even inside historical buildings and churches.

The app GetYourStream also provides a way to conduct surveys after a tour and to evaluate customer satisfaction.
Guests can enjoy using the technology because it allows them to better engage with tour guides and helps them appreciate the great storytellers even more.

It helps guests to fully immerse themselves into the destinations. Tour guides find the transmitter easy to use and reliable.
GetYourStream is made by Smart Streaming Solutions, a fast-growing German tech startup developing solutions for real-time voice transmission on guided tours, on river and ocean cruises, in museums, and at conferences and events.

Thanks to unique software, live and pre-recorded audio content can be streamed via a self-contained, portable Wi-Fi network, and listened to directly on end users’ smartphones. Smart Streaming Solutions is a member of the Guiding-Group, with twenty years of experience in the industry.